Felix's Going Away Party

Felix is moving out of California! Where he goes next is up in the air, but the choices are narrowing as Felix takes more trips around the country. TN, GA, CO, OR, WA, anywhere but CA apparently!

Friends from all sports, cycling, climbing, running, and cars gathered at his place in Fremont for one last party. I saw familiar faces like Debby, Dave, Evelyn, Loren, and Suzie, and met a few new ones in Sharon, Lisa, Yvonne, and Cherie (did I miss anyone?). As I was driving back home, I wondered how many of these people I would see now that Felix is leaving. He was the glue that kept this particular group together. We’re all getting to that point in our lives when massive divergence happens. People are getting married, having kids, and moving away. In the past, it was difficult to keep in touch, but today, there are more and more options. Some would say there are so many options that none are even chosen!

One thing is for sure, though. I’ll keep tracking Felix and his continuing adventures on the open road on his website!

1 thought on “Felix's Going Away Party

  1. Thanks for the photos and for coming out to the party, Adam! And for the record, the next road trip will be a western one: OR-WA-ID-UT-CO-NM-AZ. I’ve already been to TN and ruled that entire state out, but Asheville, Athens (GA) and Chapel Hill are very much still in the picture. Looking forward to hitting the open road and will keep you updated!

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