The Cycle of Life

While relaxing at home after a 4-hour bike ride that took us from Cupertino to Portola Valley to Highway 92, we found a giant fly in our kitchen. Can anyone identify what kind of fly this is? We think it is a horse fly.

Rae declared him guilty of being gross, so after capturing him in our nets, we sentenced him to a spider web in our backyard to meet his fate. Would that be cruel and unusual punishment?

Update 16:57: Justice has been served. An hour later, a spider emerged from its hiding place and began devouring the poor fly.

4 thoughts on “The Cycle of Life

  1. syndromes

    I feed ants to the spiders all the time :D

    Damn ants…

  2. I declare the third photo guilty of being gross.

    But, I’d be happier if flies ate spiders. Damn spiders…

  3. Katie

    Nobody ever answered the question. Yes, that is a female horsefly. Good for the spider. Great photography, BTW.

  4. Thanks for identifying the fly, Katie!

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