Bike Shops in the Bay Area

The FSA Compact Crank that I purchased requires the use of a Park Tool BBT-9 Lockring Wrench. I had to call six different bike stores in the South Bay before I found one that had it in stock. Chain Reaction in Los Altos, Bicycle Outfitter, Performance Bike in Redwood City, Supergo in Mountain View, and Palo Alto Bicycles all didn’t have the BBT-9 in stock. Mike’s Bikes in Palo Alto seemed to be hoarding all of these bottom bracket crank tools, as they had 5 in stock!

I ended up buying a SRAM PC-58 chain for my bike as well. I’ll be heading over to Dave’s house tomorrow morning to get my new cranks and chain installed. New bike components, exciting!

5 thoughts on “Bike Shops in the Bay Area

  1. Adam, just a side question about your site. Does WP come with a built-in way to add RSS? How did you create your feeds? Do you know of any Mac programs that do this quick?



  2. WP does RSS automatically for you. What are you trying to do with RSS and your Mac?

  3. Just doing RSS feeds for the main entries, and comments. I’m wanting to use WP most likely, so if it does it automatically, that would be great.

  4. Then WP would be perfect for what you’re planning to do!

  5. Kevin Chargin

    I’m looking for a Redline Trick Bike for my grandson. Any ideas on where I can go to get one?

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