Larry King Live Armstrong Transcript

If you’ve been following the Lance Armstrong EPO/L’Equipe story, you might be interested in reading the transcript to Armstrong’s interview on Larry King Live last night. It’s always more informative to read the actual transcripts than the filtered media reports.

My favorite quote from this whole story comes from Laurent Fignon, former two-time winner of the Tour de France:

Cette histoire est trop vieille. 1999 ? J’en ai rien à foutre. Ca va servir à quoi ? Ce qui m’intéresse, c’est la prévention vis à vis des jeunes

Which for English speakers translates roughly into:

This story is too old. 1999? I don’t give a fuck about it. What does it serve to help? What interests me is preventing this with the young riders.

Classic unfiltered Fignon!

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