Bruce Lee: Bosnian Symbol of Unity

This article came out of left-field. Bruce Lee, worshipped by the Bosnian Croats, Serbs, and Muslims in the ethnically diverse city of Mostar, will be the town’s new symbol of unity. From the Reuters article:

“We plan to erect the statue in November in the center of the city,” Veselin Gatalo, a member of the Urban Movement organization, told Reuters by telephone on Monday.

“This will be a monument to universal justice that Mostar needs more than any other city I know.”

He said Mostar, scene of fighting between Muslims and Croats in 1993-1994, needed a symbol of justice, mastery and honesty — virtues upheld by the late Chinese-American actor.

2 thoughts on “Bruce Lee: Bosnian Symbol of Unity

  1. Heard the statue was erected a day before HK has its bronze statue of Bruce Lee.

    Photos of yesterday event to remember Brucel lee by fans is available from the link at:

    Hope fans will enjoy this. Anybody has photo of the Bosnia statue ?

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