Football Uniforms

Found an interesting article on football uniforms on ESPN’s Page 2. Now that the season has started — though my Chargers are playing like it’s still the preseason — it’s time to admire or be shocked at some of the new uniforms in the league.

I think the new, yet old-school, Bills uniform is pretty sweet. Makes me wonder and hope for the day when the Chargers ownership will finally acquiesce and bring back the beautiful powder-blue uniforms.

On the flip side, the Bengals uniforms look horrid. The helmet is cool, but what’s up with the paper cutout uniforms?!? Arizona has a meaner looking logo, but the jerseys and pants could use some better coordination.

Readers: What uniforms are your favorite? Which ones do you want revised?

4 thoughts on “Football Uniforms

  1. Rod Saito

    Don’t the Charger’s occasionally play with the powder blue uniforms? Gotta love those uniforms. Our Chargers are off to a bad start, although their win against the Giants was surely needed. If Brees, LT, Gates, McCardell and Kaeding stay health we may still have a good year. Last year was so good. Go Chargers!

  2. Yeah, they play with those uniforms once a year. The Spanos family has stated in the past that they don’t want to go back to those uniforms on a permanent basis. Let’s hope they have a change of heart, because they look great!

  3. Jack

    Yup, agreed on Cincinnati, but I do like the same cutout on their cheerleaders.

    Hope all is well with you — haven’t seen you in a long time.

  4. Hey everyone, I’ve created an NFL Uniform Tournament at Go check it out and vote in round 1! Thanks.

    Also, if you enjoy Paul Lukas’ ESPN page 2 article, you should check out his own website that he updates every day with interesting uniform related topics (and tons of links to great images) at

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