RDVP Welcome Reception

The Reuters Digital Vision Program held their welcome reception at Cordura Hall last week. We started using posters to describe our projects at the end of the 2003-2004 school year. I had created some large posters detailing the work of Heather Ford’s Creative Commons and Raphael Marambii’s ZebuNet projects. Since then, the use of posters among the fellows has increased dramatically. They function great as a visual elevator pitch, a sneak peak at what’s to come this year. I’m looking forward to seeing their project prototypes emerge from the posters!

It’s great to see that the fellows are hitting the ground running with their projects so soon. Big thanks go to Stuart, Vi, and Karen, who continue their great work steering the fellows and the program in the right direction. Who knows? Next year’s fellows might have their projects already completed by the time they arrive at Stanford!

A good collection of past fellows attended the welcome reception, including Steven Ketchpel, Greg Wolff, José Arocha, Jack Higgins, Ken Novak, Arnon Kohavi, Daniella Pontes, and Melanie Edwards. Other notable people spied at the reception included industry luminary, Ester Dyson, Stanford’s Deputy Director of Corporate Relations, Jack Hickethier, and COBA member, Glenn Eden (and Senior VP at Sun for Media, Entertainment and Telco). We’ll need a bigger room next year!

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