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I finally got around to installing SecureImage to deal with comment spam. I had been using SpamKarma for some time until it started spewing PHP warnings all over the place. We’ll see how well the new system works to prevent spam floods on the site.

My old version of ImageMagick didn’t work for some reason, so I had to install the latest version of it this morning. Now, it’s time to start enabling this plug-in on the other sites that I manage. If there was an easy way to maintain multiple WordPress sites from one control panel, let me know! Upgrading 5-6 sites at a time can be very time consuming!

Update: Running into some compatibility problems between SecureImage and WP-Cache. Anyone using both WP Plugins experiencing issues with the SecureImage’s captcha graphic not appearing properly on cached pages? I’ve set my expiration times to the same value, so we’ll see if it continues to occur.

Update #2: Using WordVerify plug-in for WordPress now.

2 thoughts on “Comment Spam

  1. I’m no longer using SecureImage to handle my comment spam. I’ve found WordVerify to be a much better and lighter-weight alternative.

  2. Seriously!! These spammers are toooooo much!!!!!!!111

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