Commando II

Commando II

Earlier this week, I read the script to the never-filmed sequel to Commando starring Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Written in 1989 by Steven E. de Souza with revisions by Frank Darabont, Commando II racks yet another impressive body count for the invincible Colonel John Matrix.

For an Arnold film, there’s plenty of action to satisfy anyone who left Collateral Damage or End of Days wanting more. Surprisingly, there’s also some smart writing that’s very relevant in light of recent headlines. Update a few locations, replace a few names, and you’ll have a film that takes an intruiging look into patriotism and the export of democracy.

I’ve heard that Stallone will be back in Rocky VI and Rambo IV. Why can’t Colonel John Matrix return for one more tour of duty? One thing is for sure, Jenny is going to have to be rewritten as a college student or recent graduate. Alyssa Milano’s still looking young and nubile, but not high school young!

1 thought on “Commando II

  1. Colonel John Matrix is retired from the army, and he’s living in the mountains of California with his 11-year-old daughter Jenny. Jenny is kidnapped by Bennett, one of John’s former soldiers. Bennet’s boss, exiled Latin American dictator Arius, demands that John assassinate the president of Arius’s country so Arius can reinstate himself as dictator. John is put on a southbound airplane with a guard, but before the airplane can take off, John snaps the guard’s neck, jumps off of the airplane, and sets out to locate Jenny. While John is tracking down Arius and Bennett, John enlists the help of a young woman named Cindy. As John and Cindy close in on the island where Jenny is being held, they are confronted by hordes of men who work for Arius and Bennett. But John is willing to do anything to rescue Jenny…even if he has to start a one man World War III.

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