Mario Kart

On Sunday afternoon, the Gang of Eleven: Randy, Rae, myself, Joon-Mo, Felix, Daniel, Osvaldo, Alicia, Anna, Cyndi, and Stacy played Mario Kart in Cupertino. No, we didn’t linked up our Ninendo boxes for a multi-player arcade-fest, we played our version of Mario Kart using three Green Machine tri-wheel bikes, plastic balls, water balloons, and plenty of adrenalin!

About a month ago, we played Dodgeball outside of Daniel’s place. An annoying neighbor warned us that his wife was trying to sleep at 8:00 pm. Despite having to play in complete silence, we had tons of fun. I didn’t take photos then due to lack of light, but I had plenty to work with on Sunday.

You can always count on the Gang of Eleven, led by Randy, to come up with new and fun games to play! Next time we play, however, we’ll have to refine the game rules and map course. We’ll try to make the playing field both a little tighter and smaller. It’s easy to get completely out of the game once you bite it on a Green Machine. Those things are hard to handle when you’re going fast!

4 thoughts on “Mario Kart

  1. mark

    Such wonderful toys! Where did y’all get those trikes?
    Dang, you guys get to have all the fun =(

  2. Looks like fun!

    What was the purpose of wearing backpacks on the front of the body?

    And … I noticed that the Green Machine with the green ball sitting in it had a Texas Longhorn sticker on the back of the seat … was there a fellow Longhorn amongst your Gang of Eleven? (Hook ’em Horns!) :)

  3. The bikes all had different stickers, Longhorns, X-Bike, and another whose logo escapes me. The backpacks held the water balloons, but we found them to be too cumbersome to wear while riding. We took them off during the later runs.

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