Worldwide Newton Conference 2006

Here’s the PR for the upcoming Worldwide Newton Conference 2006. I spoke at the inaugural conference in Paris a year ago.


Attention all GREENskeepers:

The 2006 Worldwide Newton Conference is scheduled to take place immediately following MacWorld San Francisco, January 13-15, at the Warwick Regis Hotel in downtown San Francisco.

The tentative agenda includes speakers (Larry Yeager, Paul Guyot, Adam Tow, and others), panel discussion, “how-to” sessions, demonstrations of the latest in Newton software/hardware, vendors(?), and more.

Registration will cost $40 US, and will be available via PayPal on the very nice site that our man Grant has updated with the latest conference information. Even if you are not sure if you will be attending, you can still register your interest on the site.

Worldwide Newton Conference Site:

If you’ve got ideas you’d like the conference organizers (WWNA) to consider, please e-mail them to

This is a great opportunity to get together with your fellow Newton users, and fill your head with green. For the most up to date information, keep your eyes on Newtontalk, and visit the official site,

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