Annoture Release

Introducing Annoture, a metadata bridging solution for Aperture and iView MediaPro! With Annoture, you’re just a click away from sharing metadata between these two popular image management and cataloguing applications. Spend more time working with your decisive moments than worrying about double-entry and incomplete metadata!

Annoture lets you transfer annotations from iView MediaPro catalogs to Aperture projects and albums and back. This two-way transfer of IPTC and metadata information means you are not tied to any one application for your image management and workflow needs. Annoture also features a modular interface that can be extended to support additional applications in the future.

Annoture Main Screen

Users of Aperture and iView can download a fully-functional version of Annoture. The unregistered version will occasionally display a reminder to register, and all images processed in Aperture by Annoture will have a custom “Annotated with Annoture!” tag added. You can remove these items with the full version after purchasing and entering your license code.

Annoture in action!

For more information, please visit the Annoture web page.

4 thoughts on “Annoture Release

  1. Great work. Looking forward to learning more.

  2. Ivan Hedley Enger

    I was hoping for something like your Annoture would be developed in the future, but I am just amazed that you have been able to release it already? I’m looking forward to try it out. Thanks a lot from a norwegian user of Aperture and iView.

  3. Trevor Craig

    At last,

    A programme that solves the missing metadata problem very smoothly and effeciently.

    Adam, Can I mention your programme on Apple discussions board. I am sure others would want to have this too


    Trevor Craig

  4. Trevor – there are a few threads in Apple’s Aperture discussion where I and others have mentioned Annoture. Feel free to contribute to those threads or start a new one. I’m eager to hear what other people think about the product!

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