Rotten Tomatoes Holiday Party

New and old employees of Rotten Tomatoes got together on Saturday evening at Mezes, A Taste of Greece, restaurant in the Marina. It’s been some time since Rae and I last saw many of the RT people. We didn’t go to the Beijing Wushu Team performance in Berkeley, opting instead to attend and photograph the two shows in Cupertino. I’ll be posting up photos from that event real soon now. Going through 2400 images to find the best ones to show on the website takes time!

The food at Mezes reminded me of the tapas meal that we had with Eric, Livia, Elliot, Mandy, and Bill last weekend. Small plates of flavorful foods that cost a lot of money! Contrast this with dim sum, where you can get a surprising amount of food rather inexpensively.

The event was one of celebrations and goodbyes. With Stephen Wang leaving RT for opportunities in China, there are just three people left from the original team. Congratulations go out to Flora and Eric, who announced a few days ago that they are expecting next year!

2 thoughts on “Rotten Tomatoes Holiday Party

  1. Anon

    Susan is looking as hot as ever.

  2. Matt

    Great pictures Adam! I can’t wait to see the Beijing Team photos!

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