Adobe Lightroom Beta 2

Adobe released Beta 2 of Lightroom today. Some of the new and improved features include:

  • Now available as a Universal Binary for compatibility with Intel-based Apple hardware
  • Crop and Straighten tools included in the Develop module
  • Ability to add music to slideshows
  • White balance support for the Nikon D2X, D2Hs and D50 cameras
  • Ability to create hierarchical keyword sets
  • XMP Import and Export capabilities. (Please consult Known Issues list for details)
  • Improved Edit in Photoshop capabilities
  • Improved metadata handling

Our COBA meeting last week featured demos of Lightroom, Aperture, Bibble, Raw Shooter Premium, and LightZone. I’ll have some photos from that event up soon.

I’ve been using Aperture for several projects lately, and I have been happy and frustrated with versions. I want to create a separate version of a photo that exists solely in one project or another. When I drag a version from one album to another, it creates a link between the two. Thus, if I make a change to one of the versions — such as adjusting the exposure or the crop &mdash the change is reflected in the other album. While this can be a good feature, it can also be very annoying when you want to keep them separate. I’ll dig around the support forums later this week to find a solution to the problem.

5 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom Beta 2

  1. I think what you’re trying to do can be done by making a duplicate version, then “Extracting” the new version out of the stack (Command-Shift-K). It’ll make a new master image from the one that was linked in the stack.

  2. Pete:

    I think that’s what I tried. I will try again on two test albums/projects later tonight.

  3. Someone

    It’s very easy. You want to use an Album Pick.

    You can have a different Album Pick within a version set for each album.

  4. What I want is a version that doesn’t get modified if I modified another version in another album/project. The solution that I came across was to hold down the option key while dragging a version into a project. This created a separate version, distinct from the version in the original album in my new project.

  5. Someone

    Right, but now that Version isn’t associated with the other Versions that are based on the same Master.

    To me, it makes more sense to keep them all in one Version Set, but just choose a different Album Pick for each album. Six of one, half dozen of another I suppose. :-)

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