Mashup Camp

Seats are optional

I’m blogging from Mashup Camp at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. I’ve created a Flickr stream of photos that I’m taking at the event. You can see other photos from the event here on Flickr.

There are so many good sessions, but they all happening at the same time! I’m currently in the mobile session, and there’s a spirited debate about getting apps onto mobile devices. Do you deploy your app to be viewed by a browser? SMS? Client application? The consumer doesn’t care as long as it works, but startups and small application developers don’t have the resources nor time to support these solutions. They choose one approach and hope that it’s the correct one.

At Sharpcast, we’ve decided that the rich-client is the right course of action. Browsers on mobile devices are not good enough to provide the rich application experience that desktop or Web 2.0 applications afford.

3 thoughts on “Mashup Camp

  1. i’ve just been living in new york for three months, and seeing someone sit on the floor was a big surprise. i mean, i’d probably do it in california, but out here, it would just be gross.

  2. i mean, seeing the photo of someone sitting on the floor, of course. :)

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