Microsoft Origami

Lots of buzz in the press about the products that Microsoft and Apple are going to release tomorrow, February 28th. People suspect Origami is a new device that’s bigger than a handheld computer yet smaller than a laptop.

Leaked video of the device suggests that it can play movies, show pictures, offer web browsing (presumably with WiFi support, but rumors also talk of 3G wireless), and function as a tablet PC for the purposes of note-taking and other pen-based applications. Too see the movie, one needs to visit Digital Kitchen, then follow this path after “entering” the site: Work > Brandtheater > Microsoft Origami.

This all sounds suspiciously like a computer I’ve been using for over a decade: the Newton! I’ve been using my MP2100 at work to take down all of my notes. Despite having an Ambicom Bluetooth card, it’s still a bit tedious to transfer data from the Newton to my computer. Relativity, Paul’s idea to bridge the gap between the Newton OS and new hardware is the key to bringing NOS to the 21st century. If Origami can be made to run Linux — which it should since it presumably runs Windows — we’ll be able to get Einstein running in short time!

As for what Apple is up to, rumors point to a larger screened iPod (fake videos notwithstanding), Intel iBooks and MacMinis, and the perennial Apple Tablet. All will be revealed tomorrow, so stay tuned!

1 thought on “Microsoft Origami

  1. Dave Miller

    I’ve been waiting…waiting…waiting for a pumped-up, 21st-century Newton-like device from Apple. I’ve been using my MessagePad 2100 all this time (since 1997). I remember you leading the protest, Adam, when Steve shut us down in 1998, I also have a very vague memory of Steve saying that the approaching OS X system was “scalable,” and could be engineered to work on a palmtop device.

    My MP2100 is now nearly nine years old. One of these days, it’s not going to start up. It’s way past time for me to transfer my calendar, addresses, and all my data to a new platform, and it looks like the Origami will be “it.” Too bad it doesn’t include cell phone capabilities (which were rumored to be coming for the MP2100). But it’s got HWR, a detachable keyboard, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and pretty much everything else I need.

    I would be delighted to pay for a one-time synch of my MP to Origami, or for software which would allow me to do that. I never thought I’d be saying this, but “Microsoft, here I come!”

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