Kennewick Man?

Rae was remarking that I bore a strong resemblance to the 9,400 year old Kennewick Man recreation gracing the cover of the current Time Magazine. Your thoughts?

He was clearly right-handed: the bones of the right arm are markedly larger than those of the left.

That’s true for me too, due in large part to my regular photographic exercising and my dislocated elbow injury!

This reassembled replica of the skull suggests an Asian background.

Looking at the photo reminds me of watching Predator. I still find it freaky to think that we’re all walking skeletons!

5 thoughts on “Kennewick Man?

  1. jim

    Oh, my…. I’m actually laughing out loud here.

    Thank you. :)

    What would his expression be while holding up a plate of sushi?

  2. jon a. larsen

    Glad to see your picture….I find some satisfaction in that you retain the more appropriate primative brow ridges which I share as opposed to the time cover of March 13, 2006 which seems to ignore the bones …..The sculpture by Thomas McClelland and Jim Chatters has Kennewick Man looking like Patrick Stewart, according to some…..They, however, haven’t met me….I have joked that KW is my 540th cousin….at least I look EXACTLY like their model….

    And, you look more than a fair bit like the revision…..interesting….

    I hope to hear from you. I’d like to meet you someday. “KW meets KW” would make a more than very cool picture.

    jon a. larsen
    P.O. Box 802
    164 Salero Road
    Patagonia, AZ

  3. simon day

    I wonder why the image on the magazine has been doctored. The colouring has been artificially added san so has the hair the true reconstruction is of grey clay. It would be interesting to see how the model would look with different colourings and hair styles.

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