Monitor Evolution

Nowhere is state-of-the-art more apparent than in monitor design. Randy’s laptop backlight conked out of him the other day. To tide him over, he picked up a 21-inch NEC MultiSync XP21, a.k.a. the Andre the Giant of Monitors. Anyone know of a place that fixes backlights on a Dell Inspiron 600m?

Next to the 30-inch Cinema Display, the XP21 looks like it’s from pre-historic times. The NEC was released around 1996 at $2299, more expensive than what I paid for the Cinema Display!

Max resolution on the XP21 is 1600×1200 versus 2560×1600 on the 30-inch. The NEC weighs in at 79 pounds! The Cinema is svelte at 27.5 pounds.

3 thoughts on “Monitor Evolution

  1. DaHamster

    I have used the NEC p1250, Samsung 1000p, 1100p, and 1200 monitors extensively at work. I would only recommend the Samsung 1000p monitor. Currently, I use dual screen display for my workstation (one 21.3″ LCD and one 19″ LCD). Your 30-inch monitor looks great! It must be nice. : )

  2. sd

    Hehe. A perfect windows vs. apple comparison. Not to trash Randy or anything but when you compare his setup with yours…OUCH. He’s all cluttered and bulky and you’re all slick and clean.

  3. I have been using a regular monitor for quite a few years that is 15″, but I plan on going to the Canada Computers store & get a nice flat screen. It will result in a lot of desk space being cleared up. By the way I am jealous of your set-up there.

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