All You Can Eat Update

There’s an update to the post I made the other week on the all you can eat story.

Turns out there was a poll on AOL about the story, and out of 73,000 responses, 76 percent were on the side of the restaurant.

Bulletin board writers who sided with the restaurant’s decision chastised Dershem for being a poor mother, for committing a sin of gluttony, for typifying the obese and wasteful culture in the United States and for wasting food when kids in Asia and Africa are starving. They also called her names linked to farm animals and the mentally challenged.

Those who sided with Dershem said she was within her rights at an all-you-can-eat buffet, that buffet food costs are low and they should expect some waste, that it was false advertising to prohibit a paying customer.

It’s too bad the restaurant didn’t take photos of the heaping mounds of food still left on her plate. That would go a long way towards defining what “some waste” was in her case. From the way the restaurant owners described her situation, it was more than just a piece morsels of food. Sorry, Wendy, you’re in the wrong on this one.

1 thought on “All You Can Eat Update

  1. SH

    The key word in this whole storey is: EAT. All You Can EAT Buffet. Not ‘All You Can WASTE Buffet.’

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