Microsoft Acquires iView

It was just a few years ago that Microsoft purchased what was previously a Mac-only shop in Bungie. History repeats itself with Microsoft’s purchase of iView Multimedia. I thought a bomb was dropped the other day when Adobe acquired the technology assets of Pixmantec, the makers of the popular RAW convertor for the PC, RawShooter.

This one hits closer to home, since I’ve been a relatively happy customer of iView since the software’s early years. It’s very interesting to see how large software companies such as Adobe, Apple, and now Microsoft are investing in-house or purchasing companies in this marketplace.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Acquires iView

  1. iView Multimedia isn’t a Mac-only shop…

  2. True Eric, but like Bungie, iView began its like as a Mac-only product.

  3. I just hope the next version isn’t bloatware because of this acquisition. I currently use the Mac version 3.0.2 and it has all the features I need or want.

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