Using Flock

I’m trying Flock for the first time. It has integrated a lot of other web properties into the browser, such as Flickr, WordPress,, and others. How many of you have tried it and what do you think? Still on Camino, FireFox, Safari, or IE?

Blogged with Flock

Here’s a photo that I blogged using Flock. It’s when I dislocated my right elbow while playing Ultimate.

Is this the future of web applications? Borg-like interoperability of various third-party applications?

3 thoughts on “Using Flock

  1. I’ve tried Flockr but I went back to Camino. The intergration was nice but the fact it was locked to those services is irritating. The interface isn’t as nice as Camino ever so I can’t see the advantage at the moment!

  2. Well i like the idea but i could never get it to look quite right in my website. Oh well

  3. The interface is a ilttle confusing to use. The idea is good, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. I’ll continue to track the application as it moves from beta to release.

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