It's Not Over Yet

Landis today proved that it’s not over till it’s over! Over 8 minutes down at the beginning of the stage, he made a daring breakaway and gained back over seven and half minutes! Amazing! It’s going to come down to the final time trial on Saturday. If not then, we may see a sprint for the Yellow Jersey on the streets of Paris on Sunday!

“I came here to win the tour. That’s what I still want to do, and I’m not done fighting yet.” Regards the ride today, “I don’t care. I came here to win the Tour de France.”

That miracle I alluded to yesterday? It may have just happened! Rock on Floyd!

1 thought on “It's Not Over Yet

  1. […] after proving to everyone that it’s not over till it’s over. I watched Stages 16 and 17 live, and like all those who have been following the race, I’ve gone from sadness to incredulity […]

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