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Dreaming Through The Noise

Dreaming Through The Noise

I’ve been listening to Vienna’s new album, Dreaming Through The Noise, on repeat for the past several days. This is how I experience her music, letting it leave a permanent imprint on my auditory sensors and memories. The album at first glance appears to be a departure from her first two albums, Waking Hour and Warm Strangers. Waking Hour was a collection of autobiographical songs, and Warm Strangers offered tunes detailing the lives of semi-random fictional characters. Dreaming initially seemed more atmospheric than the previous two, detailing the lives not of people, but of the buildings, vehicles, and locales people inhabited.

The more I listen to the album, however, the more I realize that this is what Vienna’s all about. She’s weaving stories out of the vibrancy of life. You, me, the rock, the tree, and the X-Wing (okay, maybe not that X-Wing).

I’m rambling… my favorite songs on this album include:

  • Blue Caravan
  • Whatever You Want
  • I Don’t Feel So Well
  • City Hall
  • Transcontinental, 1:30 AM
  • Recessional

Vienna has embarked on a crazy tour schedule with Duncan Sheik. Check her out if she’s coming through your town!


One thought on “Dreaming Through The Noise

  1. SD says:

    I saw Vienna while channel surfing late a couple nights ago. I think it was on UEN or something like that. She has a nice style, though her voice might project better with some backup vocals, when live. It is pretty tough playing an instrument and singing live.

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