WordPress Camp Recap

7:30 am in the morning, and I’m getting ready to shoot Andy and JooHee’s wedding in Belmont and Palo Alto.

Yesterday, I attended WordCamp, the inaugural WordPress conference in San Francisco. WordPress has definitely grown up from its humble beginnings as a branch of the b2 blogging software. There was an eclectic mix of users, geeks, developers, and influential bloggers at the conference. When we were creating the Sharpcast corporate website, I made the decision to use WordPress as the back-end CMS. Using WP in such a manner has some caveats, but it’s still much faster than using another CMS or rolling your own custom website.

I’m looking forward to some of the features in the upcoming WordPress 2.1, including Draft and Private Pages. Yeah!

At the conference, I ran into an old friend from Xanadu at Stanford. Jeremy Kassis is running the still-under-wraps Web 2.0 application. When it’s available to the public, I’ll post a review!


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