Here We Go!

30 minutes away from leaving Santa Clara for the airport. Our backpacks are packed into a duffel bag, which we’ll be checking into SFO. That should solve the problem of the backpack straps getting caught by the airport conveyor belts or devious individuals. Once we arrive, the choice will be either ditch the duffel bag, store it somewhere (CDG doesn’t have luggage containers anymore due to security reasons), or take it with us on the trip. I’d rather choose option 2 if at all possible. Option 3 is the heaviest choice and option 1 is obviously the wasteful choice. These decisions feel like the ones you have to make in a game like Ultima, Wasteland, KOTR, or the upcoming Mass Effect from Bioware. Now that looks like a fantastic game!

When we arrive in France, we’ll be meeting up with Agnes, a friend I met while studying in Paris nearly 10 years ago! The next day, we’ll be headed for Fontainebleau to attend Jean-Philippe and Anna’s wedding. Can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Here We Go!

  1. sd

    Have a good trip Adam and Rae, take lots of photos, and stay safe!

  2. Susan

    Hope you’re having lots of fun!

    Re: Mass Effect: I can see it now… Commander Elsa Shepard!

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