Performance Bike Sale

Forte CR150 Road Pedals

Performance Bike has a sale on its website. Use the coupon code 6001719 to get 20% off at checkout. A few years ago, one of the platforms/pontoons on my left shoe’s road cleat snapped off. It hasn’t caused a problem until fairly recently, when I was riding with Rae on an uphill. The cleat disengaged and I nearly slammed my groin on the top tube, ala Lance in 2003! Thankfully, neither Phil Ligget nor Paul Sherwin was around to provide colorful commentary on the incident.

So, I’m switching to Look-style pedals and cleats. I’m also picking up some road tubes for our bikes and a Cat Eye HL-EL300 Headlight for those night rides. Years ago, I had a hardcore NiteRider setup. LED lights have come a long way since then! Shortly before I joined DoDots in 2000, I went for a 75 mile ride from Palo Alto to Half Moon Bay via Highway 92. On the way back, I miscalculated the amount of time it would take to get back, and the NiteRider battery ran out of power. Going up and down Highway 84 was decidely not fun that night!

2 thoughts on “Performance Bike Sale

  1. The Cat Eye HL-EL300 is a great headlight! They have a burn time of about 20-30 hours on 4 AA batteries. Yet, they are almost as bright as my old 6W Cygo-Lite (which I subsequently disposed of on eBay :)) which had a burn time of 2.5 hours . In 2003, I mounted two of the EL-300’s in Paris-Brest-Paris, in which I had to ride 4 consecutive nights in darkness (the entire night). I was using only one of them (that was all that was necessary) for the first 3 nights, until the last night, when the 1st light was still going. Realizing that there was no need to conserve battery power any more, I then turned on both lights, which really lit up the road. Considering how light/bright/long-lasting/inexpensive these lights are, LED technology has to be the biggest advance in bicycle lighting since Edison invented the incandenscent bulb…

  2. Thanks for the comment! I remembered that you had this headlight when I visited your place once. So, I jumped at the opportunity to get it at a low price when I saw it on sale!

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