DVF 2006-2007

The 2006-2007 Digital Vision Fellows have arrived at Stanford! Once again, I had the opportunity to photograph the fellows at the end of their first day on campus. The projects they are working on are all terrific, and I’m looking forward to tracking their progress throughout the year.

Time sure is flying by, as it’s been three years since I was a fellow in the program with Heather, Joe, Segeni, Raphael, Brij, and the rest of the gang! With the benefit of hindsight, I would have done a few things differently during my time in the program, including:

  • Focus on the need, not the technology. There’s nothing like creating a product that serves no one’s needs.
  • Solicit the help from professors and students. They are here to help you succeed in your project.
  • Network like crazy. The year will go by in a flash, and you have to start thinking about your project after the year’s up.
  • Hang out more with the fellows after hours. After the year’s done, everyone will go there separate ways. Profit from your time together in the fellowship.
  • Enjoy the great benefits afforded by the Stanford campus!

Consider this as advice for a great fellowship year!

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