Low-Key Hillclimbs are back!

The Bay Area Low-Key Hillclimbs are back! The first ascent will be up Montebello road, a climb that I’m very familiar with. I’m somewhat apprehensive about all of this, mainly because I’m about 10 pounds over my normal climbing weight. I have to hit the road hard in the next few days to prepare myself.

My fastest time up Montebello was 39:30. In my fattened state, I think I’d be able to do it in 45 minutes today. God, I hope I’m not slower!

week date time climb format
1 14 Oct 2006 10 am Montebello mass start
2 21 Oct 2006 10 am OLH small groups
3 28 Oct 2006 10 am Mt Diablo (North Gate) time trial
4 04 Nov 2006 10 am Highway9 mass start
5 11 Nov 2006 10 am Bohlman-On Orbit mass start
6 18 Nov 2006 10 am Page Mill Road time trial
7 23 Nov 2006 9 am Thanksgiving Day: Mt Hamilton mass start

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