Timeature 1.0 Released!


I’m pleased to announce the availability of Timeature 1.0! With Timeature, you can easily adjust the Image Date field of images imported in Aperture! The correct Image Date ensures that your photos are sorted properly within Aperture. This field is sadly not currently user-editable in Aperture 1.5, hence the need for this application.

Some background information on the use of the Image Date field. This field is automatically generated at import time from the EXIF shooting date of the image. If the imported file does not contain this EXIF information, Aperture will use the file creation date as the value for the Image Date field. This information is stored for quick retrieval in Aperture’s database. It is this field that Timeature modifies. Timeature makes no modifications to the original master file.

Timeature Screenshot

Check out more information on Timeature here!

Update: Looks like I’ll have some more work to do with Timeature in the coming days. This thread on Apple’s Discussion Forums alerted me to the fact that I’ll need to update the plist file associated with each image version after I have done the SQLite3 database update. It turns out Aperture writes information about each version to two places: the database and a plist file. Fun fun.

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