November 8 COBA Meeting

The November 2006 meeting of the Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) user group will be held this Wednesday, November 8, 2006 in Cordura Hall 100 at Stanford University from 7:30-10:00 pm.

Around the World in 60 Minutes

COBA members have been traveling around the world and have the photos to prove it!

Matt Drown recently went on his first safari, in Tanzania. He’ll talk about the things that worked, the things that didn’t, and the things that he wished he had done while on the trip. Additionally, Matt will talk about this other travels and his experience with shooting in different cities. Matt has been interested in photography all his life, as a child his parents encouraged him to take a camera on vacations. This started a habit that has turned into a hobby. Matt now carries the camera on all his trips and enjoys finding new ways to take pictures in different locations.

Alvin Wong and David Blanchard both went on separate trips to the Far East. They will show and discuss their photo experiences in China.

If you would like to share some photos from a recent trip away from the Bay Area, bring your stories, photos, and prints to the meeting this Wednesday!

Geotagging Your Photos

Chris Pedersen will demonstrate how to use RoboGeo to geocode large numbers of travel photos from England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Estonia. Chris is a life-time photo-enthusiast, electical engineer, serial entrepreneur. Interesting photo-fact: took Ansel Adams picture at his home in 1982 on the occasion of him receiving an honorary doctors degree from Santa Clara University. Recently, HP’s Strategy Manager for Digital Entertainment Services. Currently enthusiastically exploring new opportunities to help create new consumer technology product and services businesses.

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