Low-Key Hillclimbs #5: Bohlman-On Orbit

Bad news everyone. Rain in the Bay Area has cancelled today’s ride up Bohlman-On Orbit. The organizers have no (current) plans to reschedule the ride, which means the time trial up Page Mill Road is next on the schedule. On the one hand, I’m relieved, since I have heard such horror stories of Bohlman-On Orbit. Even with Felix’s Tank — his 33 lbs. mountain bike — I was not looking forward to the physical task this morning. On the other hand, I’m sad because I’m missing out on the fun and camaraderie of the Low-Key Hillclimbs.

Next week’s Race of Truth will have us going out single file every few minutes up Page Mill. I wonder if the organizers will have the slowest people go out first, spaced out so everyone will make it up to the top at the same time! That would be cool, but it would also mean I’ll be one of the first to leave! Over the years, Page Mill Road has been my nemesis. The first time I did it, I bonked on the way down Woodside/84. “What is this feeling? I feel so light-headed!” I said to myself, while wobbling down the road. I ended up stopping at some random person’s house to ask for a Coke to recharge my batteries! Lately, I’ve been either going up to the Park Entrance or reaching and descending Page Mill Road via Moody Road. I haven’t climbed up it all the way in a few years. On a good day, I could do Page Mill in about 50-55 minutes. Given my current condition, I think just over an hour is more likely.

1 thought on “Low-Key Hillclimbs #5: Bohlman-On Orbit

  1. Darn!! Bummer that Bohlman-On Orbit was canceled. It didn’t even occur to me it would rain out there; it is nice and sunny over here ;) Too bad, because that would have been quite an adventure. Anyhow, good luck on Page Mill next week. The last time I was up that was actually on The Tank in the Giro di Peninsula during the summer, and it did surprisingly okay! But then that was only to Moody Road whereas you gotta go to the top. Well, good luck!

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