Trolley Dances

Trolley Dances

Several months ago, I shot Facing East Dance & Music during the Third Annual Trolley Dances, a “freewheeling San Francisco festival of modern dance!” Four dance companies, Kunst-Stoff, Facing East Dance and Music, Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton, and Epiphany Productions performed at four different locations along the Embarcadero on the N-Judah MUNI line.

Facing East’s performance was called Sea Wall. The movements are based on the elements of the sea, including rocks, tides, and waves. Rae and company performed Sea Wall sixteen times over the course of just three days! Every forty minutes, the MUNI train arrived with a new audience, giving the dance group about twenty minutes to rest, relax, and eat yummy snacks.

Having multiple performances in one day meant that I could be a little more experimental in my photography. I was also able to use a 400/DO lens for some of the shots. That’s a beast of a lens, and I must admit that I have much practice to do before I get comfortable shooting with such a long lens.

WP-SmugMug WordPress Plugin

I’m doing something a little different with the photogallery below. In the past, I have been uploading stuff to after having locally generated fullsize and thumbnail of each image using Photoshop. Since this is inefficient and time-consuming, I finally got around to writing a WordPress plugin which interfaces with SmugMug. WP-SmugMug displays thumbnails and links from a SmugMug RSS feed.

I have a few more things to tweak in the plugin before it’s ready for primetime. I’m surprised to see that no one has developed this kind of SmugMug plugin for WordPress yet.

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