Testing the Faith


I’m so disappointed with the Chargers loss to the Patriots yesterday. We had the game in hand, but a combination of heartbreaking events led to their demise and exit from this year’s playoffs. I really felt this team would go to the Super Bowl, but it was not meant to be.

Many people in and out of San Diego are calling for Marty’s head. Listen, he wasn’t the one dropping cupcake passes, inteceptions, incurring personal foul penalties, and fumbling. He has preached one play at a time for as long as he’s been coaching, but yesterday, we weren’t listening. Player after player in the locker room said that the fault lay with the players. If AJ Smith fires Schottenheimer, who’s going to replace him? Nick Saban? Art Shell? I don’t think so. Schottenheimer’s a winner, and like Bill Cowher before him, he’s going to get his glory at the Big Game sooner or later.

Next year, we’re going to reload and win the Super Bowl — one game at a time. As for this year’s Super Bowl, I’m now rooting for either Drew Brees or Peyton Manning. Down with the Patriots!

3 thoughts on “Testing the Faith

  1. Bryan

    Doh. While I was watching the game, all I could think of was ‘Poor Adam’. Marty has a year left, I think. They should just keep him for the last year and see how it goes.

    He made some poor decisions (the 4th and 11 call and the timeout, which they could have used) but mostly the players f-ed up badly. It’s one of the games where you watch and you feel like the Chargers should have won by 21. All you really need to reload is for everyone to remain healthy.

    I’m cheering for Drew Brees now that Garcia was knocked out.

  2. Funny, when I saw the game, I also thought “Poor Adam!” What an amazing finish if you were a New England fan though. Actually, all of the games last weekend were exciting. If it makes you feel better, the team I was rooting for (the Ravens because they have Steve McNair, one of my favorite players) lost too. Now I am rooting for anyone but the Colts. :)

  3. Bryan

    Doh.. just saw that Cam Cameron left for the Dolphins!

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