Switching to BlackBerry (sorta)


The Sony Ericsson t68i phone that I had dropped over a month ago had recently started some dropping on its own. Plagued by dropped calls, I decided to do something about it. I had these used AT&T BlackBerry and Nokia phones at the house that I wanted to use as a backup phone while I wait for the iPhone to be released. The only problem was that the phones were locked, meaning I couldn’t just swap my Cingular SIM card into the phone.

Making matters worse was I tried to unlock the phones unsuccessfully before. Apparently, you only have a few chances to unlock the phone by entering some codes before you had to use a cable method. Ugh.

I succumbed and purchased some $15 software to unlock the BlackBerry 7210. I had to update the firmware and software on the BlackBerry before the Windows unlocking software would work, but as of last night, I have a “new” phone. I also downloaded the now free PocketMac so that I could sync information between my Mac and the BlackBerry. Since I don’t have a data plan, I can’t get email on the phone, but that’s fine with me. I’ll save my money until I see the plan rates for the iPhone. No doubt, they are going to be expensive!

Busted Sony Ericsson t68i

1 thought on “Switching to BlackBerry (sorta)

  1. Um, how might one go about helping you out with finding a home for any extras of those used blackberries… hmm? :-D


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