Marty Fired!

WTF? According to new reports, Dean Spanos has fired Chargers head-coach Marty Schottenheimer on Monday evening, despite leading San Diego to a 14-2 regular-season record.

“Today I made an extremely difficult decision: Marty Schottenheimer is no longer the head coach of the San Diego Chargers.

“This decision was so hard because Marty has been both a friend and valued coach of our team. But my first obligation is always to do what is in the best interest of our fans and the entire Charger organization. I must take whatever steps are necessary to deliver a Super Bowl trophy to San Diego. Events of the last month have now convinced me that it is not possible for our organization to function at a championship level under the current structure. On the contrary, and in the plainest possible language, we have a dysfunctional situation here. Today I am resolving that situation once and for all.

“My decision means that our organization will be obligated to pay the last year of Marty Schottenheimer’s contract and will begin an intense search for a new head coach at this relatively late date, but these are sacrifices that I believe are necessary to give the Chargers the best possible chance to win on the field this season.

“Our fans deserve to know what changed for me over the last month. When I decided to move ahead with Marty Schottenheimer in mid-January, I did so with the expectation that the core of his fine coaching staff would remain intact. Unfortunately, that did not prove to be the case, and the process of dealing with these coaching changes convinced me that we simply could not move forward with such dysfunction between our head coach and general manager. In short, this entire process over the last month convinced me beyond any doubt that I had to act to change this untenable situation and create an environment where everyone at Charger Park would be pulling in the same direction and working at a championship level. I expect exactly that from our entire Charger organization in 2007.”

I’m sad for Marty. He deserved better.

3 thoughts on “Marty Fired!

  1. DaHamster

    Adam, Below is the information to contact Mr. Spanos:

    A.G. Spanos Companies
    10100 Trinity Parkway, 5th Floor
    Stockton, CA 95219
    (209) 478-7954 Phone
    (209) 473-3703 Fax

    His office is right off I-5 in North Stockton. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.

  2. Bryan Lee

    Yeah, not a good way to handle it. If they were going to keep him, they should keep him no matter what. Fairly lame excuse about how he couldn’t keep his assistants, Marty did the right thing by letting them take on better jobs. Spanos has proven to be a good GM, but he comes off as a dick.

  3. PatsFan

    HAHAHAH wheres the latest update? I feel sorry for all chargers fans, your team is classless and doesnt deserve to go to a Super Bowl……..You should expect some taunting AFTER a game, when you started taunting DURING THE WEEK. Of course the players are going to throw that in your face once theyve let their PLAY do the talking. Of course everyone is pissy, THEY LOST. I can almost garuntee that had they won, the chargers would have done something disrespectful on the field. Unfortunately, they think the game doesnt have to be played. :) I’m still waiting to see merrimans copyrights for that dance…..

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