Belated Birthday Photos

Adam and Rae Birthday

Another year, another set of birthdays. A week’s gone by, and I’m just getting around to posting photos from our birthday weekend. In the past, I used to be much faster at getting journal entries and photos posted. What’s happened since this? Life and work just seem to be getting in the way. My workflow seems to have definitely slowed down, despite the promises that new technologies give to make us more efficient and productive.

Last Friday, we went out to the ever popular Korea House for my birthday dinner. The best part of Korean food is often those little appetizers they give you before the main entrees arrive. I love the salted seaweed, kimchee, and tempeh. People who were at the dinner included the Changs, May and Salim, Vanessa and Levi (hope you’re having fun in Italy), Randy, Eric, Dardy, Daniel, Cyndi, and Soo. After feasting at Korea House, several of us joined Bryan and Susan in San Jose to watch 300. I would have liked to have seen the movie at the IMAX theater, but the Tech Museum wasn’t showing it. Still, the movie was quite impressive visually. Yeah, there’s blood and gore, but it’s stylized like a comic book. Don’t go to the movie looking for a history lesson, but for a high energy retelling of a myth.

On Saturday, Rae and I went up to Berkeley for dinner at the Ethiopian Restaurant Cafe Colucci with Edna and Petrice. We enjoy Ethiopian food about once every quarter, and we rarely leave the restaurant with empty stomachs. Next time, I’m going to have to try something different from the vegetarian and meat combos. What can I say, though, I like variety!

We saw the closing night of the Women of Color Film Festival at the PFA in Berkeley after dinner. The first two films, which took up the first 20 minutes, were especially painful. The films got better, but not much more so. Rae agreed with me that the films was less than inspiring. We ended the night hanging out at Petrice’s place and eating yummy cake.

Tomorrow, I’ll be working all the weight off by climbing Highway 9 with Jorge!

4 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Photos

  1. wow! who took the photos at your birthday party? i’ll bet he had a REALLY NICE CAMERA. ;)

  2. syndromes

    Happy belated to you both :D

  3. Yeah, and it was atow’s camera to boot!

  4. jean-philippe

    hi Adam,

    happy birthday to you and to rae from Me, Anna & Jules

    and as every year, sorry for being late :)

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