Caller ID and Landis Hearing

When I was in high school, I received a series of annoying prank calls, the subject matter of which was crude and sexual in nature. Though I never found out the identity of the caller, I have a good guess who it was. If this were to ever happen today, however, it would be relatively easy to find out who the perpetrator is with Caller ID.

Uh, paging Mr. Geoghegan. WTF were you thinking?

Today’s events at the Landis hearings in Malibu may have turned the case on its head for me. It sure doesn’t look good for Landis to be associated with a guy who’s threatening a witness. Cycling has a drug problem, no doubt. The optimistic and naive side of me has wanted to believe that our cycling heroes can and will do no wrong. Basso, Millar, and Ullrich have proven us all wrong. Hamilton and Landis are on deck.

Despite all the doom and gloom surrounding cycling, it isn’t preventing me from riding my bike. It actually feels good to have to huff and puff up Highway 9 on my bike. I’m slow, but at least I’m clean!

2 thoughts on “Caller ID and Landis Hearing

  1. Yes, if Mr. Geoghegan was going to do what he did, he could have at least tried to use Caller ID blocking or a calling card to better obscure his identity. In this day and age where seemingly everyone has Caller ID, what was this guy thinking?

    Of course, he shouldn’t have made the call in the first place. And Landis probably didn’t use the best discretion to be telling his cronies about LeMond’s secret that only he and LeMond had discussed in a private phone conversation. Makes one wonder if he and his team had also discussed how to potentially use that info to their advantage.

  2. Edmund

    The most disappointing thing is that we still don’t know who won last year’s Tour de France. For god’s sake, this year’s race is going to start pretty soon.

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