Bomb Scare at Star Wars Celebration IV

Marc and I went to the Star Wars Celebration IV at the Los Angeles Convention Center tonight, but we left early because of a stupid bomb scare during the Celebration Opening event at 7:00 pm. Some stupid, fat, pimply 40-year old dressed up in Star Wars regalia probably screamed out some quote from the movie like, “I have a thermal detonator!” and caused the security staff to freak out. I haven’t seen any news about the incident yet, but details will undoubtably be forthcoming.

We wasted another hour waiting for another presentation to begin; apparently, the DVD player crapped out, and the door to the player was locked. All in all, we only spent one and a half hours walking around the exhibition hall and attending one session.

I nicely asked to get a refund, but the people working the ticket sales were locked out of their systems and were not authorized to give out refunds. Marc said he saw another guy crying and complaining about the situation. This person, like us, had arrived late to the show and only had a few hours to spend before having to leave the next day. Having something like this happen was really unfortunate. Sadly, on the backs of our badges was inscribed, “No refunds for any reason.” I’m still going to try to get my money back tomorrow, since it was quite expensive at $45/person!

What little we saw during the exhibition was nice, however. A lot of merchandise was being moved at the convention. Tons of people dressed up as Star Wars characters, such as Ayala Secura, Boba Fett, Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, various Jedis, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and more. I’ll have photos from the event up soon. I used to dress up for these kinds of events, but my outfits were nowhere near as complex as the ones I saw tonight. Halloween’s coming up… gotta get cracking on my outfit for this year.

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