60 Laps of MacBook Pros

It’s been hot, hot, hot in the Bay Area the past couple of days. After a morning-to-afternoon meeting, I came back to a nice cool 76° pool and swam 60 laps or about 1200 meters. I’m quite the injured manatee in the pool, so it took me nearly an hour to complete it. Without the edges of the pool to rest on after each lap, I’m not sure I could have done ten laps without collapsing! Hopefully in time, my swimming form will reveal itself, and I will become Aquaman transformed, minus the green Speedo swimming trunks, of course!

Afterwards, I walked over to the Apple Store at Valley Fair to check out the new 17″ MacBook Pro with the 1920×1200 HD screen and the 15″ MacBook Pro with LED backlighting. I’m in the market for a new laptop, and I’m wondering if it could even replace my Quad G5 as my primary machine. I fired up Aperture on both laptops and they seemed reasonably fast while performing adjustments on RAW 1Ds Mark II files. Since my 1D Mark II files are smaller than the 1Ds’, Aperture should run fine, at least until you have 100,000 images like I have on my machine. What I’m likely going to do is use the MacBook for on-location shooting and have a hard drive at home that houses my primary Aperture library. I think this is what Eric is doing in his workflow.

The other reason for the trip to the Apple Store was to scout out camping locations for June 28th. If I’m going to be camping out for the iPhone launch, I’m going to need to know where the quickest entry and exit points are into Valley Fair! I don’t know yet if I’ll be doing this yet, especially since they won’t be selling the iPhone until 6:00 pm on June 29th, but it’s good information to know. The Nordstroms or Macy’s Home and Furnishing entrances are the closest to the Apple Store.

10 thoughts on “60 Laps of MacBook Pros

  1. Adam,

    Not sure if this is user error (my part), but I could not trackback to your post. Here’s my blog I tried to trackback to, http://www.thomashan.com/blog/2007/06/iphone-june-29-friday-6pm.html

    On the same post, i was able to trackback to Josh’s post. I’m using blogger.com’s platform, so it doesn’t have trackback feature, thus manually send the ping via Haloscan. FWIW, here’s the error message (the debug info has something related to “Error: please enter the security code.”)

    Pinging http://www.tow.com/2007/06/14/60-laps-of-macbook-pros/trackback/
    Problem: Target doesn’t appear to be a valid trackback URL (debug information below)

  2. Might be my verification code, though it’s doubtful. I’m going to be upgrading my custom WP system to WP 2.2 in about a month (assuming I have the time). By then, things should be running more smoothly on the site.

  3. Alright, thx! It could very well be user error (on my part). Maybe I should try out WP as well, been using blogger.com’s platform, thus the manual trackback I had to do to link to your post.


  4. good luck with the home computer running Aperture. My library of 50,000 travel images (“Life” images are in a separate library) chokes my Mac Pro. Still, it’s sorta usable. It gets better with each update.

  5. I hear you. The spinning beach ball and I are *real* good friends now. Hopefully, our collective patience will be rewarded when Aperture 2.0 comes out.

  6. jean-philippe

    got one :)

    you not believe it Adam, but after 24 years of PC, i fall in love with this macbookpro i’ve got the 2.4ghz 15” but running parallels and bootcamp too :)

    i hope you & rae are fine

    your friend

  7. Congratulations, and welcome to the Light Side! :)

  8. A bit off-topic, but that happens when one is on the Dark Side… “Minus the green Speedo swimming trunks”. You’re not planning on swimming naked, are you? ;)

  9. Haha… don’t ask, don’t tell! :)

  10. Paul

    I hear that Apple Stores have personal shopping appointments, you might want to get an appointment for 6pm so you can get there and be first in line ;)

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