Vino, Vino, Vino?!?

Although I get the Versus channel here at my house, I haven’t been watching the live coverage of the Tour. After today’s revelations that our second-favorite Kazakh, Alexandre Vinokourov, has been thrown out of the Tour (along with the rest of his team) for homologous blood doping following his Stage 13 time trial win, I wondering why I should even bother. I’ve always been a fan of Vino’s constant attacking and blowing up in the past. Now, I know there might have been a method to his amazing recuperative powers. There’s a cloud of suspicion hovering over the current race leader too, Michael Rasmussen, and that does not appear to be blowing away anytime soon.

All of the riders prior to the Tour signed a legal agreement saying they are not doping, and that — if caught — they would forfeit their salary and be banned from cycling. I guess several riders thought they could get away from it. On the eve of the Tour, Vino gave an interview with CyclingNews and said, “At the age of 33, for me, it’s this year or never.” Like Michael Vick’s reputation and career in the NFL, Vino and Astana is shot. That’s too bad, as no one will be around for Borat to cheer for.

2 thoughts on “Vino, Vino, Vino?!?

  1. Wow, now that Vino’s team is out, that means Andreas Klöden and Andrey Kashechkin are out as well! So sad…

    Me, I’m rooting for Alberto Cantador. (hopefully he is not a doper too) ¡Ataque Alberto, ataque!

  2. lol, the Borat clip is very funny :)

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