WordCamp 2007

WordCamp 2007

Very late in coming, but here are photos from WordCamp 2007, held the other week at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. Last year’s event was a one-day affair, but this year’s edition was over two days. Because of our BBQ Potluck and Pool Party, I was only able to go on Sunday. I met up with several people who were at iPhoneDevCamp and with members of the All Things Digital development team.

The last Harry Potter book came out a few days before, and I saw a number of people in the audience pouring over the pages throughout the conference. At times, I would wager that more people were updating their blogs and Facebook profiles, browsing the Net, or IMing with their friends; in other words, doing everything except listen to the speaker. When I was in school, some people were just starting to bring in laptops to lectures. Wireless Internet was not in common use back then, so the laptop was primarily used as a giant notepad. Today, with the whole world seemingly available at the touch of a button, I don’t know if I could make it through a 45-minute lecture without once checking my email or looking up the latest news.

As usual, tons of bloggers with cameras and photographers at WordCamp. There was even someone videotaping the entire proceedings in HD. I’m looking forward to seeing the other presentations that I missed on Saturday.

1 thought on “WordCamp 2007

  1. Ah ha! I’m on the other side of the camera most of the time, but at WordCamp a few people got snaps of me. Thanks for coming up and saying hi!

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