Fence Replacement – Day One

Fence Replacement

We’re in the midst of replacing one of our fences here at our house this week. Over the weekend, we cleared out a lot of vegetation a foot from the base of the fence. Gardening is hard work, especially since we don’t have green thumbs!

Today, Duran Fencing took out the old fence and set up the new posts. Tomorrow morning, they will come in an install the new fence and gate. The company is very fast and efficient. We hired them after admiring the job they did on a neighbor’s house down the street.

This evening, my neighbors and I struggled to cut this huge tree root underneath their rose bushes. We had a couple of hand saws and it took us several hours to get all the dirt moved out of the way and to saw off the root. The resulting hunk of wood looks a lot like a Flood Infection Form from Halo! I’ll get a photo of that in the morning. In the meantime, check out the photos from this morning, when the folks at Duran took down our old fence.

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