Sorry Display by the Chargers

That was the sorriest display by the Chargers since the 2003 season when they went 4-12. Unlike previous years, the Chargers looked unprepared and out-of-sync throughout the entire game. If this is an indication of how the rest of the season will play out, I’m scared. Let’s hope that the team can get on track for the remaining 14. AJ Smith hired Norv Turner because he thinks he can lead us in the playoffs. Remember, AJ, you have to get to the playoffs first before you can succeed! If we keep playing like we have for the past two games, we’ll be looking at a top-15 draft pick.

1 thought on “Sorry Display by the Chargers

  1. I’ve never liked Turner as a head coach. I do believe that he’s a top notch offensive coordinator, but once he has to oversee the whole shebang he falters. It doesn’t even seem to matter if he defers to a strong defensive coordinator, I think there is too much other stuff that he then still has to oversee as the Head Coach.

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