Low-Key Hillclimbs 2007 #4: Mt. Diablo

Low-Key Hillclimbs Leader Tim Clark

Maybe I should stick with cycling photography instead of cycling itself.

Since I’ve been sick this week, I decided to trade in my bike for my camera for Week 4 of Low-Key Hillclimbs up the southern slopes of Mt. Diablo. Last year, we rode up the north side, where I experienced a spectacular collapse in blowing up after the first two miles. Completely unintentional, it was also a incredible and cagey move, seeing that I snatched the lead in the Endurance Category. Yes everyone, there is a competition in the back of the race… where loyalties are tested, injuries are faked, and fitness is a four-letter word.

By sitting out this week, I took advantage of the opportunity to see what fireworks were happening in the front. I keep seeing this name Tim Clark at the number one position week after week. Who is this man? What powers him? What motivates him to make everyone else feel like they’re riding for second place? Armed with my camera, I set off to discover the answer to these burning questions. Let’s check them off:

  • Zero body fat… check
  • Strong and defined musculature… check
  • Well-conditioned cardio-vascular system… check
  • Nice bike… check
  • Color-coordinated outfit… check

No wonder why I’m always competing for the Endurance Award. I lack all of what makes Tim Clark numero uno this year!

Thanks to Ron Brunner, I had a front-row seat at all of the action as we drove up Mt. Diablo in Ron’s car. He did his best impression of Dirk Demol, while I played the role of Graham Watson. I’d definitely like to try riding on the back of a motorcycle one day. How do those guys stay on the bike? Harness? Strong quad muscles to grip the side of the motorcycle?

It’s been some time since I’ve done any cycling photography. My panning skills were in sore need of a refresher course. Practice makes perfect, and I got better as the ride went up. It was a blast photographing the final 250 meters up to the summit of Mt. Diablo. Great expressions by everyone going up that final hill! I could get used to this cycling photography thing, but next week it’ll be back to our regular scheduled programming: me struggling to keep up with the gruppeto on Highway 84 and West Old La Honda!

Here are some of my favorite shots from yesterday’s ride. Ron has some more photos on his Flickr page, with HD video coming soon!

Jorge Chang up Mt. Diablo

Dan's supreme effort is written all over his face.

Low-Key Calendar Model: Stephen Fong

Jorge finishes strong at Mt. Diablo

Effort by Tim Clark

Hard core cycling

Check out the rest of the photos from Mt. Diablo on SmugMug. Hope you like them!

5 thoughts on “Low-Key Hillclimbs 2007 #4: Mt. Diablo

  1. kevin

    great shots Adam… but was the oxygen at the summit thin? this was week 4… your cool graphic/poster says week 3… i understand :)

  2. kevin

    all kiddin’ aside, posters are great – can we get one per week?

  3. Calvin Do

    These are amazingly sharp photos! I’m inspired to read that “how to shoot” book if I can find it buried away somewhere… excellent recap as well. Thanks!

  4. Kevin – yeah, I caught my mistake on the poster and have corrected it.

  5. kevin

    and made it bigger! fantastic! where can I buy one?

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