My Hubcaps Were Stolen!

No Hubcaps

I’m doing some last-minute shopping for items at Westfield Valley Fair today. I arrive around 3:00 pm and return to my car at 4:35 pm. As I’m walking to my car, something just didn’t look right. The car and wheels looked darker than normal. As I got closer and confirm that it was indeed my car, I realized the truth. Someone stole all four of my hubcaps!

Now, my car isn’t some souped-up rice rocket; it’s a Toyota Camry from the 1990s! Who in the world would want to steal my hubcaps? There are several eBay listings for hubcaps of that model. Four of them will cost me between $50 and $100.

There were two potential witnesses whom I spoke with in the parking lot. The lady in an SUV parked in front of me said that she had just arrived and didn’t see anything. The person manning the Goodwill Trailer spoke little English but told me that she didn’t see anything either. She was standing directly in the line of sight of my car, so if anything had happened, she had to have seen it, right?!? How long does it take to remove four hubcaps? A minute? Two minutes?

Grrr… this is yet another reason why I hate to go to the mall! I guess my report will be appearing on soon. This site lists all crime activity in areas like San Diego and San Jose.

To the person who stole my hubcaps. Shame on you! May your wheels always fall out of alignment!

3 thoughts on “My Hubcaps Were Stolen!

  1. Man, sorry that your hubcaps were stolen, Adam. Those scumbags. :( If it makes you feel better, when my dad had a Volvo 240DL wagon, his hubcaps were stolen two or three times! But then, that was Stockton. It’s more surprising that it would happen in Santa Clara. Well, the thieves just got some negative karma points, I’m sure!

  2. rich

    Someone stole all my 2001 camry hubcaps at the parking lot where I work, a few months ago. I see camrys driving around with missing hubcaps. I’m wondering if this is a cult.

  3. Samantha jones

    I woke up this morning to find all four of my hubcaps were stolen! Does this kind of thing happen alot? So irritated… Now im paranoid everytime my car is unattended. What’s next?! I need to replace them with some sort of hubcap. I finance my 2012 chevy cruze I want to feel like i’m riding around in style!

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