Why I Bought the MacBook Pro

Why I Bought a MacBook Pro Instead of a MacBook Air

So, my intuition was correct. Apple released new MacBook Pros earlier this week. I’ve been using the now-previous generation MacBook Pro on my China trip for several days now. It’s proven useful as my mobile command center. With Aperture and Final Cut, I can work rip footage and process images with relative ease. With only 2GB of RAM and a slow hard drive, however, I can only do one of those things at a time.

When I was at the Shanghai Airport yesterday, I had to take my computer out of its case in order to carry it onto the airplane (I already was bringing along my Pelican case). At 5.4 pounds, the weight of the MacBook was getting to me. It’s not so much the weight, but the size of the computer which was annoying. I had thought about getting a MacBook Air at one point before the trip, but the photo above shows very clearly why I needed to get a MacBook Pro. Attached the computer are:

  • FireWire 400: Sony HVR-V1U HDV Videocamera
  • FireWire 800: SanDisk Extreme IV Card Reader
  • USB #1: Unlocked BlackBerry phone running on China Mobile network
  • USB #2: iPhone
  • Ethernet: Internet Connection
  • Macsafe Power Connector: The MacBook needs its juice!

There’s no way that I can do what I’m doing with the MacBook Air. The weight advantage is tempting, but man do I need those cables!

3 thoughts on “Why I Bought the MacBook Pro

  1. Simon

    Just come back from Shanghai. Glad you having fun in China.

    wow… so many cables. get those USB batt charger . Ummm I understand your pain to carry a notebook in your backpack. So I use UMPC these day as it has SD and CF card slot to transfer the photo in my notebook and upload to my home server when I ever I got connection.

    Looking forward to my brothers photos.

  2. Mars

    Guys, do you know how much does the MacBook Pro cost in China?

  3. Sorry, didn’t bother to check prices for laptops here in China.

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