Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square

We arrived yesterday afternoon in Beijing. Today, we’re going to visit the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

When I started to wear glasses during high school, I remember people calling me Pu Yi. We had been watching The Last Emperor in class, and they must have found a resemblance with me and the last ruler of the Qing Dynasty.

We had street food yesterday, and no one got sick! The chicken satay was great (and cheap at $2 RMB)!, and we’re looking forward to eating more from the street vendors.

3 thoughts on “Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square

  1. Hi Adam, looking forward to seeing your photos of Beijing… I bet it looks a bit different than six years ago when I was there. Funny about the Pu Yi allusion; I will have to do an image search on him to see if the resemblance is true! :)

  2. And glad to hear that some things around the world for Americans are still cheap! Our dollar (which just hit an all-time low yesterday at something like $1.53/Euro) is crap!!!

  3. rb

    if you’re doing street food, be sure to have breakfast on the street. The carts are only around until about 9:00am and make this pancake-ommelette with hoisin sauce thing for about 25 cents. Or go for the many types of steaming hot mantou for pennies!

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