Bike Safety – Accident in Mexico

This photo really pissed me off when I saw it this morning after waking up in Providence, Rhode Island.

An American drunk driver, apparently asleep at the wheel, plowed into several cyclists during a race in Mexico, killing one and injuring the others. The photo is absolutely terrible, but this is the reality when cars collide with cyclists. I can imagine this is what happened when a similar accident occurred near our old house in Cupertino, when a California Highway Patrol officer killed two cyclists along Stevens Canyon Road.

4 thoughts on “Bike Safety – Accident in Mexico

  1. That’s sickening. I don’t think I can ride my bike to the bank tonight. Just sickening.

  2. J Pike

    Yeah it is pretty disturbing that this happened and quite unfortunate as well. But from a photofraphers stand point. That is one sweet picture. Talk about perfect timing and such an accurate shot. You can really see the story clearly through this picture.

  3. Yikes! I heard it’s already pretty scary to drive in Mexico, so I could only imagine how dangerous it would be for cyclists. Yet, with that police escort in the right-hand side of the photo, it’s amazing and sad how this could still happen. At least the driver must have been arrested pretty quickly.

  4. Peter Goedtkindt

    Was that police escort also drunk ? They should have been protecting the cyclists by driving BEFORE them !!! Kudos for the photographer indeed. Sad .. very sad story.

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