Nikon D90 720p Capability

One of the neatest features of the new Nikon D90 is the ability to capture up to 5 minutes of 720p video. When we were planning our trip to China and selecting our equipment, we ultimately chose the Sony Z1U HDV videocamera. One of the limitations with the Z1U is the lack of interchangeable lenses. While there are expensive options to attach film and digital camera lenses to the Z1U, they are all bulky and difficult to work with. Since most of our clips are under 5 minutes in length, I wonder how things would have been different had we had the D90 with us during filming. The large sensor size and the ability to get shallow depth of field would have been very useful for certain shots.

Rob Galbraith notes that the camera can shoot a maximum of 5 minutes before needing to cool off. I wonder if it could last one of our all-day film shoots. Except for the interviews with the scholars, we rarely shot for longer than a couple of minutes for each take.

Of course, we would have to have recorded audio separately, but I’m just dreaming at this point. It’s already begun, but I envision the next few years will see further blurring of the lines between videography and photography.

Finally, one of the other cool things about the Nikon D90 is the inclusion of built-in Eye-Fi support. I helped design and build Eye-Fi’s corporate website. They have a great product to help get your photos off the camera using Wi-Fi.

2 thoughts on “Nikon D90 720p Capability

  1. Even though I think the Video and Eye-fi features of the Nikon D90 are cool and a step forward in the standards of the industry they are still very limited and far from being a substitute of a propper video recording device.

  2. Matt Pulliam

    I wanted to share a video I made for the NikonFestival. I made it almost entirely with the D90. I talk about the lenses I used on the link.

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