Windows Home Server and Video/Photography Convergence at September 10, 2008 COBA Meeting

The September meeting for the Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA) user group will be held on Wednesday, September 10, 2008, in Cordura Hall 100 at Stanford University from 7:30-10:00 pm.

Windows Home Server (WHS)

Edward Casati of Unbound Photography has recently switched to using Windows Home Server (WHS) as his main ‘bulk’ file storage.

He had outgrown his ReadyNAS and decided to build his own WHS with some extra hardware that he had. He’s been pleased with its performance, and his presentation will cover the following topics:

  • What to look for in mass storage: Expandability, Non-proprietary storage format, Room for growth, Remote access, flexibility.
  • Brief comparison of other alternatives
  • Standard features of WHS
  • Hardware options
  • Remote Access capabilities

Convergence: Videography and Photography

Is the convergence of video and still photography just around the corner? The newly announced Nikon D90 DSLR features a built-in 720p HDTV movie mode, and the upcoming Red Scarlet is a digital videocamera that captures 5MP images at 24fps (with burst modes going to 180fps).

In the future, will we all be using video cameras that take still photos or still cameras that can take video?

We’ll take a look at the current slate of cameras, make predictions, and debate what lies ahead for videography and photography.

Shutterbudd Monthly Contest: Life in the Bay

This month’s contest comes to you via Shutterbudd. The company is hosting a few local art displays in the San Francisco Bay Area and they’re looking for submissions from photographers such as yourself! The theme for this show will be “Life In the Bay” since they are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be showing the art in local businesses. They’d like to see images that really reflect the feeling of the Bay Area and of living in and around San Francisco. They are asking for stunning black and white images that evoke any number of emotions and are immediately recognizable as having been taken in the Bay Area.

For the very first show, they’ve chosen two lovely local businesses in Mountain View, California: Sweet Corner and zpizza, both located on bustling Castro Street. They have both expressed an interest in giving back to the artistic community and hosting beautiful art in their spaces, and this is a great chance for everyone to win!

For details, please check out

NOTE: For this contest, you can use any prior photo you’ve taken in the past. It doesn’t have to have been taken in the past month.


Cordura Hall 100
210 Panama Street
Stanford, CA 94309

Cordura Hall is on the corner of Campus Drive and Panama Street. Park in the lot across the street. Cordura 100 is next to the courtyard between Ventura Hall and Cordura Hall.

3 thoughts on “Windows Home Server and Video/Photography Convergence at September 10, 2008 COBA Meeting

  1. Eric

    Hi Adam,
    I missed the COBA and wanted to learn more about Edward’s WHS solution. Do you happen to have slides or a video that I could view?


  2. Adam, Is the 5D MII & Jim Rose going to be there tonight?
    David c 808 728-7554

  3. Unfortunately, Jim won’t be able to come tonight. I’ll be doing the presentation on the 5D Mark II.

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